Open Source Intelligence and Analysis (OSIA)

OSIA works at the cutting edge of open source intelligence and analytics to derive insights on important questions related to national security and defence.

The Open Source Intelligence and Analysis (OSIA) Research Group delivers cutting edge open source and geospatial intelligence and analytics on a range of topics related to national security and defence.

From North Korea’s overseas procurement and proliferation networks to Russia’s ongoing military activities, we seek to leverage new technologies and techniques to generate actionable and insightful intelligence on contemporary security issues.

The team has also developed a number of in-house machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to detect, classify and database entities in electro-optical and synthetic aperture radar imagery.

OSIA works closely with several external partners, and its outputs have featured in a range of international news agencies, including the Financial Times, the New York Times, Reuters, The Times and the Wall Street Journal, among others.


We divide our public portfolio of research into three programme areas.

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