Dr Daniel Jonsson

Associate Fellow


Dr Daniel Jonsson is Deputy Research Director at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), and Deputy Head of FOI’s Department of Social Security and Safety. His current research focus is on grey zone warfare, threat scenarios for preparedness planning purposes, civil defence development, crisis management and the role of energy supply in total defence planning. Among his project commissioners are the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Daniel has wide experience of applied interdisciplinary research and future-oriented studies with socio-technical approaches, including the development of research methodologies. Themes of his academic research include security scenario analysis, transport and climate policy, and energy security, including security of supply as well as the geopolitical aspects of energy. He has a PhD in Infrastructure and Planning and is an Associate Professor in Energy and Environmental Strategic Analysis at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. 

From 2007 to 2015, Daniel was a member of the Contingency Planning Council for Electricity of the Swedish National Grid, assigned by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy. He is currently leading the five-year research project, Civil Defence in the Grey Zone, commissioned by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, focusing on threat comprehension, supply ability and will to defend.

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