Sam Cranny-Evans

Associate Fellow


Sam Cranny-Evans was a Research Analyst at RUSI in C4ISR between October 2021 and December 2022. During his time at RUSI he focused on multi-domain integration, electronic warfare, and the war in Ukraine. He co-led the establishment of the Red Team project, which provides analysis of the Russian and Chinese militaries. He has also spent time researching lethal autonomous weapons and their proliferation risk. He now works at Helsing, a defence AI company providing thought leadership and in government affairs.

Previously, he worked for five years at the Janes Information Group where he finished as a lead analyst in land warfare platforms. His primary role was the creation and maintenance of the Janes Armoured Fighting Vehicles yearbooks and online content set. His research in this area encompassed a range of topics from armoured vehicle design to their interaction with UAVs.

Alongside this he contributed to the Janes news and analysis publications, and assisted with or wrote more than 500 news articles during his time with the company. His research has included the development and modernisation of China’s People’s Liberation Army, artillery tactics in Ukraine and Russia’s concepts of escalation management.

Sam has a degree in War Studies from the University of Kent, where he graduated with first class honours in 2012 having written a dissertation on the morale of the Russian population during the Second World War. His studies included conflicts throughout history from the Punic Wars to the Falklands.

External publications

Russian tactics in Ukraine reflect need for GBAD

The opening phases of the Russian invasion of Ukraine demonstrated the need for layered ground-based air defences that are capable of protecting critical national defence infrastructure. - Article by Sam Cranny-Evans, 1 March 2022, Shephard

Aerospace Advantage Podcast - Episode 55: Russia’s Military Strategy in Europe

In this podcast host John “Slick” Baum is joined by Justin Bronk and Samuel Cranny-Evans of the Royal United Services Institute and the Mitchell Institute’s own Heather Penney to dive into Russian strategy. (Broadcast 18 December 2021)

'The tank is dead. Long live the tank' by Jon Hawkes, Sam Cranny-Evans and Mark Cazalet, Wavell Room October 1, 2020

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