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Mind the Gap:
The MoD’s Emerging Budgetary Challenge

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Turning Back on Intervention

This issue examines the challenges facing the UK in the run-up to general elections in May.

PLUS: Foreign policy in Ukraine and the Middle East, China in Afghanistan and political developments in Libya and Egypt

New RUSI Report

On Tap:
Organised Crime and the Illicit Trade in Tobacco, Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals in the UK

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RUSI Defence Systems

This online periodical features in depth analysis of conceptual, technical and procurement issues in defence.

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Wars in Peace: British Military Operations since 1991

A comprehensive audit of a quarter-century of British military operations at home and overseas

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Duke of Westminster Medal for Military LiteratureDuke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature

The winner of RUSI's annual literature award for 2014 is Rana Mitter for his book, China’s War with Japan 1937-1945: The Struggle for Survival, (Penguin).

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SDSR 2015

SDSR Breakfast Briefing Podcasts

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The 2% explained

Tomahawk strike against ISISThe campaign against ISIS

Video: Assessing the Coalition Strategy Against ISIS


General Election 2015UK General Election

In the weeks running up to the UK General Election, RUSI will host a series of debates and special events.

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10-24 April

Gen MilleyUpcoming Event

Readiness for an Army in Transition

16 April

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