Eleanor Fairhurst

Associate Fellow


Eleanor Fairhurst is a Committee Specialist in defence and national security at the UK Parliament. She works for the Defence Committee, providing policy expertise for them and a number of other Select Committees at the House of Commons. She has undertaken inquiries examining issues relating to international crime and terrorism, defence policy and strategy, UK military operations and UK alliance and partner relationships with a focus on the US and the UK’s membership of NATO. She has contributed to House of Commons Library papers on Defence and National Security. She also has civil service experience, having been seconded to an oversight role in the Cabinet Office for two years.

Eleanor is a member of the WIIS Advisory Committee and has chaired panels, engaged in roundtables and workshops, and spoken at events at RUSI, IISS, Chatham House, Centre for European Reform and King’s College London amongst others. Eleanor regularly interacts with US counterparts as part of the Defence Committee’s ongoing engagement with the US Administration, Congress and think tanks, facilitating round tables round tables and evidence sessions at organisations including the Atlantic Council, CNAS, CSIS and the National Endowment for Democracy.

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