Dr Jack Watling

Senior Research Fellow, Land Warfare Military Sciences


Dr Jack Watling is Senior Research Fellow for Land Warfare at the Royal United Services Institute. Jack works closely with the British military on the development of concepts of operation, assessments of the future operating environment, and conducts operational analysis of contemporary conflicts.

Jack’s PhD examined the evolution of Britain’s policy responses to civil war in the early twentieth century. Jack has worked extensively on Ukraine, Iraq, Yemen, Mali, Rwanda, and further afield. Jack is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington DC.

Originally a journalist he has contributed to Reuters, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, the Guardian, Jane’s Intelligence Review, Haaretz, and others. Jack was shortlisted for the European Press Prize Distinguished Writing Award in 2016 and won the Breakaway Award at the International Media Awards in 2017.

Land Warfare

The RUSI Land Warfare team conducts extensive fieldwork to study contemporary conflicts and to evaluate the impact of emerging military concepts, doctrine and technologies on the future battlefield.

This Means War Podcast: A Turning Point in Ukraine?

Dr Jack Watling talks to Peter Roberts as he returns from his most recent trip to Ukraine. Whilst Jack brings his latest insights to the listeners, he and Peter have a discussion over the information war and debunk some of the myths and fallacies around the public face of the war.