Dr Chris Lewis

Associate Fellow


Dr Chris Lewis is an Associate Fellow of RUSI. His research interests cover the military and defence ecosystem, defence industrial strategy, and ambidexterity in defence. Chris has worked in and around the defence ecosystem for several decades. Within industry he delivers senior level leadership to business development, business growth, and strategy across all the domains for UK and International markets.

Chris believes that it is only through collaborative engagement that industry will be able to effectively respond to an ever changing, complex multidimensional environment, and deliver capability to the UK and aligned nations. As such, he is personally driven to understand the needs of defence for the next quarter of a century.

Having earned a Doctorate in Business Growth Strategy (focused on ambidextrous challenges and tensions in the United Kingdom defence and security sector), Chris has an MA in Sales Management (e-procurement in the public sector), and has a first degree in Biochemistry. Prior to his career in industry, Chris served in the British Army with both the regulars and reserves of the Royal Signals.

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