Richard Bennett

Associate Fellow - Expert in utilising archaeology and heritage to promote wellbeing


Richard Bennett spent seventeen years in the Royal Marines, specialising in heavy weapons (anti-tanks) and reconnaissance, before being medically discharged in 2011 due to injuries sustained on operations. Richard served four tours in Afghanistan, and tours in Iraq and Northern Ireland.

Since his discharge, Richard entered academia studying archaeology at Exeter, before going on to undertake a Master’s in Archaeology and a Master’s in Research Psychology. For the past decade, he has been developing and delivering community engagement projects that utilise archaeology and heritage to promote wellbeing for those suffering mental ill-health, physical limitations, especially within the veteran population.

His current research is looking to identify what is meant by the term ‘wellbeing’, and what aspects of ‘wellbeing’ change and why, when engaging in wellbeing focused interventions.

Richard consults within heritage, universities and the charities sector on the development and delivery of wellbeing orientated projects.

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