Defence, Industries and Society

We address the defence management agenda, focusing on acquisition, supply chain management and the place of defence in society.

The Ministry of Defence spends more than 60% of its budget with the private sector, demonstrating that industry is a key enabler of defence capability. With outputs principally in the form of evidence-based publications, our research group generates ideas on the key management structures needed to deliver on the goals of high-level defence policy and strategy.

Technological developments, procurement, logistics support and industrial relationships are key concerns, along with the collaboration and wider international relationships associated with capability development. The group frequently collaborates with other research teams at RUSI, including Military Sciences, Cyber and International Security Studies. It also has links with think tanks with similar interests in continental Europe, the US, Japan and Australia.

We aim to have direct impact with decision-makers in government and the chief actors in the private sector, as well as to inform thinking in Parliament, the mass media and the interested public.

Our current research focuses on the implementation of sectoral defence industrial strategies, including their social value aspects; trends in European, transatlantic and other modes of defence collaboration; and a strategic approach to the exploitation of artificial intelligence in defence.

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