Terrorism and Conflict

We are committed to identifying and analysing the complex challenges of conflict, violent extremism and terrorism in the UK, Europe and globally.

The Terrorism and Conflict research group delivers bespoke internationally-focused research and advisory services for the UK, EU and wider global audiences. The group draws on its diverse experience and network of experts based in RUSI’s London and Nairobi offices, and works in collaboration with RUSI Europe.

Our team includes academics, former policy-makers, practitioners and researchers who deploy an evidence-based approach to support policy- and decision-making for counterterrorism, preventing and countering violent extremism, and conflict resolution. This multidisciplinary capability is complemented by our ability to include and convene an extensive formal and informal global network of high-level experts.

We aim to:

  • Conduct world-class research and analysis on critical questions. 
  • Disseminate global best practice.
  • Provide technical training, tailored to a range of regions and countries.
  • Promote public understanding by hosting conferences, workshops and meetings.
  • Facilitate policy debate on topical issues and make recommendations.
  • Support greater collaboration between public and private sectors.

The team has multiple ongoing projects covering these issues, including in Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, the UK and the rest of Europe. Our research is focused on helping drive more effective, inclusive and impactful policy and programming to address the ever-shifting landscape of conflict, extremism and terrorism. 

Policy Briefs on the War in Ukraine

Policy Brief: The Global Far Right and the War in Ukraine - March 2023

As part of a series of policy briefs collaboratively produced by the Global Center and the Royal United Services Institute, Claudia Wallner examines the relationship between the global far right, Russia, and the war in Ukraine.

Policy Brief: The International Call to Fight - May 2023

As part of a series of policy briefs collaboratively produced by the Global Center and the Royal United Services Institute, Dr Jessica White addresses the implications of participation in and impacts of the fighting in Ukraine.

Policy Brief: The Impact of Gendered Narratives in the Conflict in Ukraine - August 2023

As part of a series of policy briefs collaboratively produced by the Global Center and the Royal United Services Institute, Emily Winterbotham addresses the impact of gendered narratives in the conflict in Ukraine.

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View the research programmes and projects by the Terrorism and Conflict research team, across their RUSI UK, RUSI Nairobi and RUSI Europe offices and Associate Fellow network.

Memberships & Associations

  • Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network (CTPN)

    RUSI is a member of the Academic Board for the Counter-Terrorism Preparedness Network. The Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network (CTPN) is an international collaboration currently funded by the City of Stockholm. The Network is governed by the CTPN International Board, facilitated by London Resilience Group and hosted by the London Fire Commissioner. CTPN brings together strategic leaders, practitioners and academics to inform city-level policies and practices that build resilience to help keep our cities and communities safe from terrorism.

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  • The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT)

    Dr Jessica White is an Associate Fellow with the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT). The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) is an independent think and do tank providing multidisciplinary policy advice and practical, solution-oriented implementation support on the rule of law, prevention and threat assessment, three vital pillars of effective counter-terrorism. ICCT’s work focuses on themes at the intersection of countering violent extremism and criminal justice sector responses, as well as human rights related aspects of counter-terrorism.

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  • RESOLVE Network

    Director Emily Winterbotham is a Research Advisory Council member for the RESOLVE Network. The RESOLVE Network is a global consortium of researchers, research organisations, policymakers, and practitioners committed to empirically driven, locally defined research on the drivers of violent extremism and sources of community resilience. International stakeholders established RESOLVE to generate, facilitate, aggregate, and synthesise methodologically sound, locally informed research on the dynamics of violent extremism.

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