Martine Zeuthen

Associate Fellow - Quality Assurance


Martine Zeuthen is an Associate Fellow in the Terrorism and Conflict programme at RUSI. She is currently based in Kenya and set up RUSI’s operation in East Africa. She focusses on extremism and radicalisation, countering violent extremism (CVE), programme management and research methodology. She is a Danish anthropologist (MSc) and is studying for a PhD in Crime and Security Studies at University College London.

Martine is currently working on CVE research projects globally and in the Horn of Africa region, including as an example providing quantitative analysis on the CVE arm of a UK funded police reform programme as well as leading one strand of a systematic literature review for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, focussing on rehabilitation. Martine is also leading the M&E and research supporting a disengagement programme in Mogadishu, and working with the International Organization for Migration on new CVE initiatives and research in Iraq.

Prior to becoming an independent researcher, Martine was previously managing the RUSI Kenya office of approximately twelve full time consultants. She has over the six years enhanced the RUSI portfolio and provided quality assurance on a number of projects, including the EU funded STRIVE Horn of Africa and STRIVE II programme looking at preventing violent extremism in Kenya.

Martine supports a number of organisations with input on P/CVE and is currently serving as a member of the reference group for the Life and Peace Institute, as well as a member of an International Consensus Guidelines Committee managed by the Canadian Practitioners Network for the Prevention of Radicalisation and Extremist Violence (CPN-PREV). She is also part of UNDP’s reference group for the second iteration of their project ‘Journey to Extremism’, a member of the Danish research network focussing on terrorism prevention and a Senior Fellow at the Hedayah Center in Abu Dhabi. 

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