Jennifer Cole

Associate Fellow


Dr Jennifer Cole is a RUSI Associate Fellow; she ran the Resilience and Emergency Management from 2007-2017. Her research interests focus on global threats from emerging infectious disease, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and the UK’s resilience to pandemics and climate change.

She left RUSI to take up a position at the Oxford Martin School, Oxford University, then moved to Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) in 2018. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Global and Planetary Health in RHUL’s Department of Health Studies, where she is Director of Research and course director, MSc Global Health: Human Health and the Environment, and MA Global Health: Culture, Society and Behaviour. She works on Critical Health Geopolitics (CHG), climate change and health, and health security, with research interests in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda), Nigeria, Turkey, Cambodia and Yemen.

Reports and academic papers she has worked on include Combined Effect: A New Approach to Resilience (RUSI/Serco, 2010); Chemical, Biological and Radiological Materials: An Analysis of Security Risks and Terrorist Threats to India (RUSI/ORF, 2012); Conflict, Post-Conflict and Failed States: Challenges to Healthcare (RUSI Journal, 2014); Serious Infectious Diseases: Challenges for Security and Defence (RUSI/STFC, 2015); Human Health in an Era of Global Environmental Change (Oxford University, 2018); Biosafety Professionals: A Role in Pandemic Response (with K Warmbrod et al, Health Security, 2021); Maintaining Health on the Move: Access and Availability for Displaced People (in The Handbook of Displacement, 2020); Unhealthy Geopolitics: Bordering Disease in the time of Coronavirus (with Klaus Dodds, Geographical Research, 2020); Interventions in Critical Health Geopolitics (with Strum at al, Political Geography, 2021); and Chronic Health Crisis and Emergency Medicine in Yemen (with Mohammed Alsabri et al, Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2022).

She has an MA Biological Anthropology from Cambridge University and a PhD in Computer Science/Geography from RHUL.

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