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RUSI’s research spans areas such as the intersection between technology and geopolitics, ethical and legal applications of AI, technology procurement, FinTech and cyber.

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The need for key policy decisions across the nexus of technology and security will intensify over the coming decade. RUSI is exploring how technology can assist governments, intelligence agencies and policing in solving problems speedily, while factoring in the legal and ethical challenges relating to new capabilities. Societies must decide on how to use emerging technologies such as quantum computing and synthetic biology, and RUSI’s research provides strategic insight to disentangle the key geopolitical, economic and technical considerations. Working across areas such as technology procurement, surveillance, cyber security, climate change and FinTech, RUSI analyses the benefits of technology, while raising awareness of the inherent risks.

The Technology, Surveillance and Intelligence Policy (TSIP) research stream sits at the intersection between emerging technologies, national security and UK intelligence policy. Through numerous research projects and events conducted in recent years on the role of artificial intelligence in UK national security, data ethics frameworks in policing, and data-driven responses to COVID-19, RUSI has come to be a trusted partner and voice of authority on these issues for the intelligence, law-enforcement and policymaking communities.

Main Image Credit / 200903-F-LY743-1003C

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