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The Suspicious Transaction Report is the flagship podcast of RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS). It offers 'behind-the-scenes' insights and practical advice on how to implement the latest financial crime research and policy developments in the real world – from anti-money laundering and illicit flows to sanctions evasion and cryptocurrency abuse.

Podcast Episodes

Season Three

What is the reality of turning policy into practice? Season Three focuses on the practicalities of financial crime policy. It features guests who implement global directives at a local level. What do their experiences tell us about the realities, risks and opportunities for developing new thinking in fighting financial crime? It also includes an ‘In the News’ segment, where members of the CFCS team give their short analysis of the news of the week.

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Getting the Partnership Right

The public-private partnership (PPP) concept is now an essential component in the fight against financial crime, but that wasn’t always the case. Host Tom Keatinge is joined by Paul Jevtovic, the former CEO of the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), who had an instrumental role in placing PPPs at the centre of financial crime-fighting. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Isabella Chase and Michael O’Kane from leading UK law firm Peters & Peters.

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The Watchful Croupier: The UK Gambling Commission

Preventing financial crime in gambling is no mean feat, particularly given the diversity of criminal methods both online and on land. Yet the UK has managed to stay on top of the threat, even receiving accolades from FATF for the strength of its risk-based supervision. Claire Wilson, Senior Manager of Anti Money Laundering and Money Laundering Reporting Officer at the UK Gambling Commission, joins host Anton Moiseienko in offering insights on the UK’s approach. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Anton Moiseienko and RUSI Associate Fellow Matthew Redhead.

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The Illegal Wildlife Trade: Not Just a Talking Point

Environmental Crime is the 4th largest transnational organized crime in the world. This episode focuses on the illegal wildlife trade (IWT), where the pace of the global response does not match the scale of the threat. Yet, many local authorities embraced the challenge long before it was on the global anti-financial crime agenda. Host Alexandria Reid is joined by Atuweni Agbermodji, who headed Malawi’s Financial Intelligence Authority and was instrumental in driving change to tackle IWT crime in the country. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Maria Sofia Reiser and RUSI Associate Fellow David Artingstall.

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Digital ID: Advancing the Possibilities

A cashless society is nearly here and with it comes the need for effective and secure digital identity. While many governments and institutions are playing catch up, Canada has embraced the challenge. Host Isabella Chase is joined by Andre Boysen, Chief Identity Officer at SecureKey to get the scoop on Canada’s pioneering efforts in digital identity and the game-changing impact it could have on financial services across the world. This week’s ‘In the News’ includes CFCS’s Kayla Izenman and Charles Delingpole of ComplyAdvantage.

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Crime Shouldn’t Pay... But It Still Does

Why isn’t crime paying for society? Estimates show that only 1% of criminal proceeds are ultimately confiscated. Asset management consultant Aidan Larkin, together with host Helena Wood, discusses the barriers to action and how to make the changes that will get money back to society. In this week’s ‘In the News’ segment, CFCS Director Tom Keatinge and Research Analyst Sasha Erskine bring you their insights.

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Breaking Slavery's Financial Chains

Modern slavery and human trafficking are one of the most profitable crimes in the world, generating hundreds of billions of dollars a year. What more can the financial sector do to help tackle it? Host Tom Keatinge is joined by financial investigations consultant and former Hong Kong law enforcement official Steve Farrer to explore new and novel ways that policy can be put into practice to combat this egregious crime.

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Season Three Trailer: Policy Into Practice

Isabella Chase and Tom Keatinge, two of your hosts for this season, discuss the thinking behind the ‘Policy into Practice’ concept and give listeners a glimpse of what’s in store – from the array of guests, topics and ideas that will be covered in the episodes. 

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Season Two

“High Risk Thinking” is our special series recorded during the Coronavirus lockdown, which aims to unpack the complexities behind topics that are considered high-risk in the world of financial crime compliance. It features insider views from guest experts and revolving hosts from the CFCS research team.

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Festive Special

2020 – never a dull moment in financial crime! In this special end-of-year episode, CFCS’s Isabella Chase and RUSI colleagues Kayla Izenman, Emil Dall and Anton Moiseienko unpack the financial crime scandals and surprises of 2020 and give their predictions for the year ahead.

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Holding Up a Mirror

Tom Keatinge returns as host for our final episode. He’s joined by journalist and author Oliver Bullough to discuss a possibly surprise destination that poses a high risk to those that are seeking to protect themselves from financial crime.

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Inside Crypto

In this episode, host Kayla Izenman is joined by Jesse Spiro of Chainalysis to get a reality check on the riskiness of cryptocurrency and explore its potential to upend the financial system for the better.

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Mutual Evaluation Retort

In this episode, host Stephen Reimer unpacks the UAE's latest FATF mutual evaluation report with Ibtissem Lassoued, Partner and Head of Advisory, Financial Crime at Al Tamimi & Company in Dubai. She reveals the on-ground realities of the AML system so strongly critiqued by the global watchdog.

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The Unwitting Accomplice?

In this episode, host Anton Moiseienko is joined by journalist and cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs to dive into the workings of money mule networks. Are they innocent enablers or knowing accomplices? And how do you recognise a mule when you see one?

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Framing Risk

In this episode, host Isabella Chase speaks with art compliance consultant Rakhi Talwar, who unveils the realities and myths of financial crime in the art world, and asks whether recent regulations will drive the art market out of Europe.

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The Other Side of Sanctions

In this week's episode of High Risk Thinking, host Emil Dall is joined by the team behind, Maya Lester, QC of Brick Court Chambers and Michael O’Kane of Peters & Peters to discuss the high risks associated with sanctions - from the point of view of the designated individual.

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The Alphabet Soup

LLPs, SLPs, UBOs… In this episode, host Tom Keatinge is joined by Graham Barrow of the ‘Dark Money Files’ to examine why these acronyms always pop up in financial crime scandals, often with the UK at the center of them.

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Season 2 Trailer: High Risk Thinking

Isabella Chase, your host from Season 1, talks to CFCS director, Tom Keatinge about the thinking behind this season’s ‘high risk’ concept and what listeners can expect – from the people, places, commodities and structures in world of financial crime that will be discussed.

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Season One

In the premiere season, episodes feature two sections: 1) an analysis of financial crime news with discussion of long-term trends and their impacts; and 2) a deep-dive into the latest financial crime research with CFCS experts and guests.

Acuris Risk Intelligence

Season One is kindly supported by Acuris Risk Intelligence

Leaks, Links and Brexit

In this episode, host Isabella Chase is joined by guests to discuss the most recent money laundering leaks, UK-linked financial crime cases, and the impact that Brexit will have on the financial crime landscape. To discuss the latest news and headlines, Isabella is joined by Gemma Rogers from FINTRAIL and Nick Parfitt from Acuris Risk Intelligence. In the deep dive, Isabella discusses the UK’s Economic Crime Plan with CFCS Associate Fellow, Helena Wood.

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New Year, New Challenges

In this episode, host Isabella Chase is joined by guests to discuss the challenges that will face financial institutions in 2020. To discuss the recent financial crime news, Isabella is joined by Trish Sullivan, the Global Co-head of Financial Crime Compliance at Standard Chartered and by Nick van Benschoten, the Principle for Economic Crime Policy at UK Finance. In the deep dive, Isabella is joined by Samantha Sheen to delve into the UK’s transposition of the EU’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

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What Defined Financial Crime in 2019?

In the final episode of the Suspicion Transaction Report for 2019 the CFCS team come together to discuss the biggest financial crime news stories of the year. Host Isabella Chase is joined by Tom Keatinge, Helena Wood and Anton Moiseienko to dissect the policies, developments and scandals that defined the financial crime landscape in 2019 and the team look to the future to predict what will shape financial crime in 2020.

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Missing Links

In this episode of the Suspicious Transaction Report, host Isabella Chase and guests consider the missing links in various financial crime problems. Isabella is joined by Becky Marriott from Tide to analyse the latest financial crime news, including the money laundering scandal at Westpac, what’s next for OneCoin and the link between Chinese money laundering and money mules. In the deep dive, Isabella is joined by RUSI colleagues Emil Dall and Darya Dolzikova to discuss a proper approach to countering proliferation financing.

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What’s the Risk?

In Episode 6 of the Suspicious Transaction Report, host Isabella Chase and guests attempt to understand the changing nature of risk in the ever-evolving financial crime landscape. ‘In the news’ guests Jackie Harvey and Sam Tate discuss new supervision initiatives at FATF, SFO guidance on corporate cooperation, and concerns with trusts. In the deep dive, Isabella is joined by CFCS’s own Anton Moiseienko and Kayla Izenman to discuss the Financial Crime 2.0 research programme, specifically focusing on money-laundering risks faced by online businesses in a variety of sectors.

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Rethinking the Problem

In Episode 5 of the Suspicious Transaction Report host Isabella Chase and guests critique a number of new solutions to old financial crime problems. In the news guests Livia Benisty and Alexon Bell review a new investigation on gold-based money laundering, updates on EU and US regulations and a new mechanism for sanctions relief for humanitarian agencies. In the deep dive, Isabella is joined by CFCS director Tom Keatinge to discuss his upcoming research on rethinking counter-terrorist financing.

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Picking on the Little Guy

To discuss the latest in financial crime news, host Isabella Chase is joined this week by Ava Lee and Koos Couvée. The guests weigh in on the updates coming out of last week’s FATF Plenary and discuss the Cayman Islands’ public UBO register, the EU’s new methodology for listing countries at risk of money laundering, and the recent Reuter’s investigation on drug trafficking. On this International Fraud Awareness Week, Isabella is joined in the deep dive by Mia Campbell from the Fraud Advisory Panel and Alan Bryce of the Charity Commission, to learn more about the fraud threats facing the charity sector, how the system can be improved, and resources available to charities to combat these risks.

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Is a New Approach Needed?

Host Isabella Chase looks at how innovation could be used to solve a number of problems in the AML/CFT regime. To discuss the latest financial crime news she is joined by Denisse Rudich and Nick Parfitt where they dissect a case brought against BNP Paribas, UK companies being exploited for crime and the latest sanctions update. In the deep dive, Isabella is joined by Juan Zarate from the Financial Integrity Network to look at how innovation will be essential to overcome policy tensions that prevent progress in combating financial crimes.

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Better Together

In this episode of the Suspicious Transaction Report, Isabella Chase is joined by Jo Jenkins and David Carlisle to discuss Wilson’s crypto auction, Swedbank’s latest press release, the Dutch banks joined up transaction monitoring solution and the priorities for the current FATF presidency. In the deep dive, Isabella talks to Florence Keen about her recent report on social media and terrorist financing.

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The Suspicious Transaction Report

Isabella discusses the latest financial crime news with Samantha Sheen and Misha Glenny. They cover the latest developments with the impounded Iranian oil tanker the Adrian Darya-1, HMRC’s largest ever money laundering fine and the trailer of the Laundromat film. In the deep dive, Matthew Redhead tells us about his upcoming paper on the effectiveness of the AML regime and what can be done to make it more effective.

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Season 1 Trailer: The Suspicious Transaction Report

In this preview episode of the 'Suspicious Transaction Report' podcast, Isabella Chase talks to Tom Keatinge and Nick Parfitt about the EU’s second attempt at a money laundering blacklist, the NCA’s increasing use of Unexplained Wealth Orders and the benefits and drawbacks of transparency in ultimate beneficial ownership registries.

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