Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

We provide detailed analysis and research on contemporary weapons of mass destruction-related issues.

The Proliferation and Nuclear Policy research group tackles a broad range of weapons of mass destruction-related issues. Our analysis is regularly used to inform senior decision-makers internationally, at both the governmental and inter-governmental level. 

Our current work includes assessing regional proliferation issues, with a particular focus on the Iranian nuclear programme and North Korea’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons capabilities. In addition, we are dedicated to analysing the UK’s nuclear policy, and provide authoritative insights into broader issues of deterrence, disarmament and arms control. We also provide ongoing support to RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies in its work on countering proliferation finance. 

The team prides itself on its highly-regarded engagement activities. The UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) is a cross-generational network that connects emerging nuclear scholars and professionals with established experts. We are also the UK’s lead for the high-level France–UK–US trilateral nuclear dialogues, and convene multiple public and private dialogues with governmental and non-governmental representatives, as well as holding bespoke training sessions for intergovernmental organisations and industry.

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UK Project on Nuclear Issues

The UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) is a cross-generational network of over 1,600 registered members which encourages young scholars and professionals to engage with established experts on contemporary nuclear issues.

Trilateral Nuclear Dialogues

The Trilateral Nuclear Dialogues convene current and former senior officials and experts from the US, France and the UK to discuss nuclear policy issues.

UK Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control Futures

Drawing primarily on UK and Russian perspectives, this project analyses UK nuclear weapons policy and explores the conditions for UK participation in multilateral nuclear arms control.

Iran in the Global Security Context

RUSI’s project on Iran in the Global Security Context examines developments on the Iranian nuclear issue, their interaction with regional and global security matters, and implications for UK policy.

North Korea’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Capabilities

RUSI is part of a consortium utilising novel research methods and advances in remote sensing technologies to analyse North Korea’s WMD capabilities and inform robust policy recommendations.

Non-traditional security issues and North Korea

Exploring non-traditional security issues in North Korea and their impact on Korean Peninsula peace prospects, security and unification.

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