Ashlee Godwin

Associate Fellow


Ashlee Godwin is a Senior Specialist in national security and international policy at the UK House of Commons. There, she runs a team of experts providing policy expertise and consultancy, working in support of all international-facing Select Committees. These include the Foreign Affairs, Defence, International Development and International Trade Select Committees, in addition to the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy. In 2020-21, she was seconded to Downing Street, where she worked as a policy adviser to the Prime Minister as a member of the No. 10 Integrated Review Taskforce.

Ashlee has previously worked at the UK defence think tank RUSI, as Deputy Editor of its flagship policy journal. She is a Fulbright Scholar in US national security policy-making, a Millennium Fellow with the Washington-based Atlantic Council, and in 2019 she participated in the State Department-sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program on cyber security.

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