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Financial Crime Insights is a podcast from RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS).

Financial Crime Insights is a podcast from RUSI's Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS). The episodes in this series are based on past CFCS events with top thinkers on topics that remain relevant in the world of financial crime. Episodes include varied speakers - policymakers, journalists, academics and practitioners - who share their knowledge and ideas on current policy challenges, global trends and possible opportunities for reform.

Episode Thirteen: Financing Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism

Following the recent wave of attacks by far-right extremists around the world, the task of throttling the financing of right-wing terrorism and extremism has seldom been more pressing. The CFCS’s Stephen Reimer speaks with Bethan Johnson, a scholar on modern extremist and terrorist ideologies at Cambridge University, about trends in the financial activities of far-right violent elements, their fundraising and spending habits, and the impact of the current pandemic on their future financing.

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Episode Twelve: New Methods of Payment and Financial Crime

The emergence of new financial services and methods of payment has brought greater variety and choice, but as with many innovations, the advantages have not been lost on criminal groups. Standard Chartered’s Catherine Woods is joined by colleague Chris Kiewsmith, the CFCS’s Kayla Izenman, Vincent Li from Ant Bank, and RUSI Associate Fellow Malcolm Wright to consider the current financial threat landscape in relation to new methods of payment, how money laundering can be detected, and priorities and best practices for managing exposure.

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Episode Eleven: The Future of Economic Crime Policing in the UK

Policing is essential to the UK’s response to economic crime, yet it is an area that the government all too often overlooks. In this episode, recorded in February 2020, CFCS Associate Fellow Helena Wood is joined by Commander Karen Baxter of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, as well as by Waheed Saleem from the West Midlands Police, and Graeme Biggar from the National Economic Crime Centre in a debate on what policing needs to be if it is to tackle current and emerging economic crime threats.

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Episode Ten: Counter Terrorism Financing: Does the Current Global Approach Work?

Twenty years on from the 9/11 attacks, has the global response to terrorist financing adapted, alongside the evolving risk landscape? The CFCS’s Tom Keatinge is joined by Rachel Love from Standard Chartered Bank and Professor Jimmy Gurulé from Notre Dame Law School in the US to discuss the CFCS’s recent paper, ‘A sharper image: Advancing a Risk-Based Response to Terrorist Financing’ and examine the current state of counterterrorist financing efforts.

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Episode Nine: Kleptopia: How Dirty Money is Conquering the World

Dirty money is flooding the global economy, emboldening dictators and poisoning democracies. Journalist Tom Burgis unveils the stories that form his book Kleptopia. Alexandra Wrage, of Trace, moderates and together they take us into the murky realm of global illicit flows.

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Episode Eight: Freeports in the UK

In February 2020, the UK government launched a consultation on its plans to establish up to 10 freeports in the UK. Alexandria Reid is joined by Richard Ballantyne from the British Ports Association, Consultant Clay Fuller, and Irene Mia from the Economist Intelligence Unit to ask how can the UK reap the benefits of its proposed freeports while mitigating criminal risks.

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Episode Seven: Unexplained Wealth Orders: Where to Next?

2020 was a roller coaster for Unexplained Wealth Orders in the UK! CFCS's Anton Moiseienko takes stock of the setbacks and the triumphs with barristers Anita Clifford and James Mather and Alun Milford, former General Counsel at the Serious Fraud Office. Together they explore what the future may hold for UWOs.

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Episode Six: FATF's Strategic Review

The Financial Action Task Force has undoubtedly raised financial crime compliance standards around the world, but money laundering remains a present and growing issue.

CFCS's Isabella Chase is joined by FATF Executive Secretary David Lewis, AML Consultant Richard Chalmers, Giles Thomson, the Deputy Director of HM Treasury's Sanctions and Illicit Finance Team, CFCS Associate Fellow Matthew Redhead, and Northumbria University's Professor Jackie Harvey, to consider the implications of, and way forward with, FATF's planned Strategic Review.

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Episode Five: New Technologies, Old Methods in Terrorism Financing

Terrorists of all types exploit technology to raise, use and move funds. CFCS’s Stephen Reimer speaks with security consultant and former Canadian intelligence analyst Jessica Davis about terrorists’ new–and often surprising–financing tactics and why financial intelligence is of vital importance.

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Episode Four: Corruption and Finance in the UK

The UK regularly finds itself at the centre of money laundering and corruption scandals. But how dire is the situation, really, and is there any hope for change? Author Oliver Bullough does a reality check with Rachel Davies Teka of Transparency International UK, Phil Mason, formerly with DFID’s anti-corruption unit, Professor Elizabeth David-Barret, University of Sussex, and CFCS's Tom Keatinge.

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Episode Three: Dark Money and Democracy

Has foreign ‘dark money’ undermined democracy as we know it? And can a solution lie in a smarter understanding of financial flows? Tom Keatinge is joined by analyst Edward Lucas, Gemma Rogers of Fintrail and Josh Rudolph of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. This episode forms part of a series that examines the impact of the 2020 US elections on global illicit finance.

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Episode Two: What’s in Store for Sanctions?

No matter who wins, the US sanctions strategy is sure to be impacted by the upcoming election. How will the results affect Washington’s current favoured foreign policy tool? Emil Dall speaks with Elizabeth Rosenberg of the Center for New American Security, Nicholas Turner of Steptoe & Johnson Hong Kong and Sascha Lohmann of the SWP (German Institute for International and Security Affairs.)

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Episode One: Kleptocracy and the US Elections

Much is at stake for the global fight against kleptocracy in 2020 and beyond. Hear why the US election results could be a turning point with former government lawyer Elise Bean, author Ben Judah, Alexandra Wrage of TRACE and CFCS’s Anton Moiseienko.

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Alanna Putze talks to CFCS colleagues Isabella Chase and Tom Keatinge about the thinking behind this podcast and what listeners can expect – from the speakers, topics and ideas in the world of financial crime that will be covered in the episodes.

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