Toxic Inheritance: Assessing North Korea's Chemical Weapons Capability

Public information about North Korea’s potential chemical weapons capability is far scarcer than information about its nuclear weapons programme. RUSI’s latest project aims to fill that gap by using open source tools and remote sensing technologies to evaluate North Korea’s capacity to produce chemical weapons.

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Toxic Inheritance

Assessing North Korea's chemical weapons capability

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  • Global Affairs Canada

    Global Affairs Canada

    This project is made possible by the support of Global Affairs Canada.

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James Byrne

Former Director, OSIA

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Joe Byrne

Research Fellow

Open Source Intelligence and Analysis (OSIA)

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Dr Matthew Harries

Former Director of Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

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Lennie Phillips OBE

Senior Research Fellow, Chemical Weapons

Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

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Dr Giangiuseppe Pili

RUSI Associate Fellow; Assistant Professor, James Madison University

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