Cyber Resilience Programme

Analysing how to mitigate cyber risks through building cyber-resilient societies.

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Raising cyber security and resilience standards across societies is an enduring challenge. We examine cyber risk management approaches that increase resilience by limiting the likelihood and impact of cyber incidents.

RUSI’s research to date has identified cyber risks across critical national infrastructure in the telecommunications and energy sectors. Cyber resilience is also concerned with limiting the impact of cyber threats on businesses, and RUSI has conducted extensive research on the use of cyber insurance in raising cyber resilience. We continue to explore ways to understand cyber threats, identify systemic network vulnerabilities, secure supply chains, increase vendor diversity, and improve incident response. And more significantly, we assess how these matters underpin wider policy objectives in government, such as achieving net zero environmental goals and ensuring a future supply and security for advanced technologies that will be critical to national security. Our research into the energy sector highlights the cyber risk management measures necessary to build and secure a prosperous, interconnected and zero-carbon society.

Aleksandr Khakimullin / Alamy Stock Photo

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