Dr Pia Hüsch

Research FellowCyber


Pia is a Research Fellow in cyber, technology and national security. Her research focusses on the impact, societal risks and lawfulness of cyber operations and the geopolitical and national security implications of disruptive technologies, such as AI

Prior to joining RUSI, Pia conducted her doctoral research on the lawfulness of low-intensity offensive cyber operations in international law, particularly under the principles of sovereignty and non-intervention. Previously, Pia has been a visiting researcher at McGill University and worked at the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security as well as the Brussels office of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

At RUSI, Pia currently conducts research on the governance and regulation of cyber security issues, ransomware and its impact on victims, offensive cyber operations, and the geopolitical and national security implications of disruptive technologies including AI.

Pia’s other research interests include the governance of cyberspace, election interference, cyberwarfare and the relationship between law and technology, including cyber and artificial intelligence. Pia holds an LLM in International Law Security (with distinction) from the University of Glasgow and an LLB in European Law from Maastricht University

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