Episode 15: The Russian Army’s Approach to Warfare

The modern Russian conduct of ground operations is a curious mix of the novel and the familiar, with technologically sophisticated efforts coinciding with artillery-centric battles of attrition.

In this adversarial studies seminar, Major Amos Fox will discuss the key characteristics of the contemporary Russian approach to warfare, and the lessons which can be gleaned from the Russian army’s recent combat deployments.

The seminar will examine the ways in which Russia combines novel and conventional tools, the role of idiosyncratic organisational constructs such as the battalion tactical group in Russian operational art, and the pivotal operational and strategic role of conducting urban sieges in modern Russian planning.

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Speaker biography

Amos Fox is an officer in the US Army. He currently works at US Army Futures Command within the Directorate of Concepts in Austin, Texas. Amos has written extensively on proxy war, strategy, urban warfare and sieges, and the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War.

The views expressed in this discussion are those of the presenter and in no way represent the position of the US government or any of its departments or officials.


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