Recording: Bridging Digital Borders Conference: Cybersecurity Capacity Building in Latin America

In collaboration with Florida International University (FIU), this half-day conference aims to explore and analyse the diverse strategies countries are adopting to bolster cyber security capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Latin American countries are of increasing interest to the global community. In the past year, countries have started to devise national laws and policies to implement the large set of cyber security strategies that have been developed throughout the past decade. With many countries in the region seeking to enhance innovation and connectivity, the need for robust cyber security infrastructure is more urgent than ever. This event will bring together experts from the UK, the US and Latin America to discuss innovative strategies and multifaceted approaches to address the region's cyber security concerns.

To address these strategies, the event will be divided into three parts. It will feature a keynote on the UK’s experiences in actively working with countries in Latin America to exchange lessons and build capacities in cyber security.

The first panel will explore the convergences and divergences of UK, US and Latin American countries’ approaches to cyber security. The panel will delve into the nuances of their methodologies, the challenges they face, and the strategies they employ to overcome these obstacles. It will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to compare and contrast approaches, learning from their successes and challenges.

The second panel will focus on exploring pathways for the development of national cyber security agencies, providing a deep dive into the specific nuances of Latin American cyber security strategies and laws. This panel promises to deliver an enlightening exploration of region-specific challenges and solutions in cyber security. The discussion will offer a lens on how Latin American countries are innovating and adapting to protect their digital landscapes, and what lessons can be learned from their experiences.

The event will result in a short write-up from FIU and RUSI, reflecting on opportunities and challenges for future capacity building in the region. The event is part of the RUSI Cyber Programme’s ongoing work on Responsible Cyber Behaviour and the Latin American Security Programme in partnership with Cybersecurity@FIU.


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Conference Co-organiser

  • FIU | Cybersecurity

    FIU | Cybersecurity

    Florida International University is a co-organiser of the Bridging Digital Borders Conference


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