RUSI in the News - July 2008

Citations of RUSI expert analysis and initiatives in the global media, July 2008.


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RUSI Experts in the News

Obama: Brown Meeting - 20 July

Paul Smyth of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) said the US perception of the threat in southern Iraq had improved. Early this year American commanders were concerned about the security of their crucial supply route from Kuwait, and complained that any British troops that left would have to be replaced.

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British Missile Contracts - 15 July

A group led by Thales SA and a unit of BAE Systems Plc won two contracts worth 74 million pounds to develop the next generation of military missiles in Britain. RUSI's Mike Franklin provided analysis of the deal.

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Iran – July

A top State Department official will attend nuclear negotiations between Iran and the European Union, in a shift of the U.S. position on talks with a government it has shunned for almost three decades.

'Perhaps this is a new opening, or this is reflecting a sea change in the policy that the U.S. is using' on Iran, said Christopher Pang.


Christopher Pang comments on Iranian missile tests, ‘These tests have been going on for some time: we saw then in 2003, in 2004 and in 2007, this is essentially a counter-wargame against earlier wargames conducted by the US and Israel.’
BBC, ABC, National Post, Canada

Mike Williams comments on Washington’s condemnation of the Iranian missile tests, noting that diplomacy is being backed by the threat of a military strike.
Al Jazeera

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Zimbabwe – 10 July

Knox Chitiyo observes that if MDC leaders can not deliver a credible strategy for victory, younger party members may adopt a more violent approach.
Independent Online, South Africa

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Climate Change & G8 – 8 July

Alexander Neill points out the importance of co-ordination between the G8 and developing countries to tackle climate change.

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British Defence Spending – 3 July

In response to the announcement that the government had signed contracts for two new aircraft carriers, Lee Willett cautions that the government was not supporting its policies with the money needed to pay for them.
The Guardian 

French Defence Spending

Alastair Cameron, a European security expert at RUSI, said it was 'high time' for the defence and national security review given that the new threats facing the world.
Associated Press


Building Resilience for the 2012 Games and Beyond – 1 July 2008

Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur said in a speech to the Royal United Services Institute, 'I think the key requirement for the Olympics in terms of building capability, in terms of investment, essentially is in the area of protective services.'
Reuters, BBC

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The Second Lebanon War: Lessons for Modern Militaries - 20 June 2008

Professor Shai Feldman, speaker at the conference was quoted as having said, 'Hizbullah has twice as many longrange rockets now. Its command and control system is intact.'
The Guardian

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British Muslims – July 4

Britain’s International Development Minister, Shahid Malik made reference to Gwyn Prins and Robert Salisbury’s article ‘UK Security – Risks and Threats’, which appeared in February’s RUSI Journal, when discussing the exclusion felt by many British Muslims.
MSNBC, Arab Times, Kuwait

Risk, Threat and Security: The Case of the United Kingdom
Gwyn Prins & Robert Salisbury

Engaging Muslim communities in counter-terrorism strategies
H A Hellyer

Multiculturalism after 7/7: A Scapegoat or a Hope for the Future
Tariq Madood

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