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The US Third Offset Strategy: Hegemony and Dependency in the Twenty-First Century

John Louth and Trevor Taylor
RUSI Journal, 22 June 2016
United States, US Defence Policy, NATO, Defence Management, Defence Policy, Technology, Europe
The next phase in Washington's defence procurement strategy will have key implications for US allies

The US third offset strategy (3OS) may transform the way in which Western powers generate future battle-winning capabilities and the technologies that enable and sustain them. In this article, John Louth and Trevor Taylor explore the nature of the 3OS, the strategic thinking that is driving it forward and the ambitions it seeks to satisfy. They discuss the key technologies within the strategy and explore the impact that their emergence will have on allies of the US. They conclude by discussing the opportunities and challenges presented to decision-makers on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Trevor Taylor
Professorial Research Fellow, Defence, Industries and Society

Trevor Taylor is Professorial Research Fellow in Defence Management at RUSI, where he heads up a research programme in Defence,... read more

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