Episode 3: The Importance of a Greener Culture

Organisations often look to technology to provide a solution to the problems posed by climate change, but is the importance of organisational culture underestimated?

In this episode of Greening Defence, we look at the importance of organisational culture in tackling climate change, and what this might mean for the UK Armed Forces, an organisation with a predominantly traditional ethos and structure. What internal cultures and practices will need to be adapted and changed to create a greener and more sustainable organisation? How might industry provide examples from which the military can learn?

Hosts Major Alistair Beard (RUSI/British Army) and Linsey Cottrell (CEOBS) are joined by Lieutenant General Richard Nugee, CB, CVO, CBE (Non-Executive Director for Climate Change for Defence) and Dr Duncan Depledge (Lecturer in Geopolitics and Security, Loughborough University) to help analyse the issue.


Lieutenant Colonel Alistair Beard

Former Army Visiting Fellow

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