Anne Neuberger outlines the challenge of emerging cyber threats

Anne Neuberger, Deputy Assistant to the US President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technologies in the White House, outlined to an audience at RUSI the state of cyberspace, current and future cyber trends, and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in an increasingly tense geopolitical context.

Deputy National Security Advisor (DNSA) Neuberger held a detailed discussion with Conrad Prince, RUSI Distinguished Fellow and Senior Cyber Advisor, before taking questions from an in-person audience on the opportunities and challenges presented by the development of increasingly sophisticated cyber capabilities.

During the fireside chat with Conrad and over the course of the Q and A session, DNSA Neuberger discussed how the pace of change in cyberspace is creating new demands on Western countries to adapt their approaches to ensure the effective uptake of emerging technologies such as AI.

DNSA Neuberger said:

I greatly value RUSI’s work and appreciated the opportunity for a fireside chat with Conrad Prince, a stalwart example of UK-US partnership.

Deputy National Security Advisor, Anne Neuberger

Reflecting DNSA Neuberger’s address, Conrad Prince said:

The way in which cyber threats are developing presents a major challenge to democracies. Building cyber resilience, particularly in critical national infrastructure, is fundamental. DNSA Neuberger provided valuable insights into how the US is developing policies, capabilities and partnerships to address hostile activity from nation states and criminals alike.
Prince CB

Conrad Prince CB

Distinguished Fellow and Senior Cyber Adviser

About RUSI’s Cyber Research Group

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Its research agenda is structured around the following themes: cyber strategy, cyber resilience, cyber threats and offensive cyber. The team pursues different aspects of these themes, depending upon policy priorities at any given time. Their programme of work informs and enriches policy approaches to cyber-related challenges by developing a strong evidence base that is available to policymakers and practitioners.

Current research projects examine the implementation of the UK’s 2022 National Cyber Strategy, offensive cyber operations, technology and national security in the context of the Net Zero environmental transition, cyber insurance and ransomware, responsible cyber power, and cyber capacity building.

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Recording: Cyber, Disruptive Technology and Geopolitics: A Conversation with Anne Neuberger
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