U.S. chips enable Russia’s war drones. It’s time to stanch the flow.

Featured in The Washington Post

War in Ukraine


The Shahed-136, a delta-winged drone designed by Iran, is one of Russia’s more vexing and destructive weapons in the war against Ukraine. ... Iran unveiled the drone in December 2021. The Royal United Services Institute in London has described it as “ingenious in its simplicity,” combining “almost uncanny accuracy, long range and low cost.” Capable of flying more than 1,000 miles, the drone’s airframe is made of carbon fiber cloth and honeycomb, which “can effectively be manufactured by any DIY handyman,” and is propelled by a 50-horsepower piston engine, which are “Iranian copies of civilian engines developed for air enthusiasts and the modelmaking market, and as such can be traded free of any export restrictions.”