African Security, Commodities and Development

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Experts examine the relationship between African security, commodities and development, and unearth academic and popular misconceptions about Africa’s commodities

It is often argued that Africa’s primary commodities fuel African conflicts and impede the continent’s development. In this Whitehall Report, produced in association with the Johannesburg based Brenthurst Foundation, several leading international experts on Africa examine the relationship between African security, commodities and development. They investigate the facts behind both academic and popular misconceptions about Africa’s commodities, such as the ‘greed versus grievance’ argument and the ‘blood diamonds’ debate, the role of international actors and the implications of the rise of China and India for African security and development. For Africa, the central question is how to ensure that its prized commodities remain a force for continental good.

Contributors include Robert Bates, Paul Collier, David Hale, Jeffrey Herbst, Iqbal Jhazbhay, Patrick Mazimhaka, Greg Mills, Erik Solheim and Steve Stead.


Robert Bates

Patrick Mazimhaka

Security, Governance and Development: The Braided Strands of Future Prosperity in Africa
Patrick Mazimhaka and Iqbal Jhazbhay

African Security: What the Statistics Suggest
Paul Collier

The Rise of China and India: Implications for African Growth and Security
David Hale

The Petroleum Sector in Africa: Between global security, national interest and local governance?
Erik Solheim

Diamonds and Development
Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills

The Role of External Tools to Manage African Conflict
Steve Stead


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