Curbing China’s Resilience to US Coercive Economic Statecraft

Published by The Washington Quarterly


It has been a year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the West’s subsequent response with coordinated financial and economic sanctions. It was not only Moscow, however, that was caught off-guard by Washington’s unprecedented speed at leveraging not only its own sanctions regime, but also coordinating with its partners and allies. Beijing, too, was equally unnerved by how quickly and how extensively the sanctions regime against Russia unfolded. What lessons, then, might China take away from US-led sanctions against Russia? Can China feasibly fortify its financial and economic system against the potential for a largescale, coordinated sanctions effort?

Citation: Aaron Arnold (2023) Curbing China’s Resilience to US Coercive Economic Statecraft, The Washington Quarterly, 46:1, 153-167, DOI: 10.1080/0163660X.2023.2188828