Serious and Organised Crime Conference 2023: Conference Report

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Armed Police in the UK. Iliya Mitskavets / Adobe Stock

RUSI's inaugural Serious and Organised Crime Conference brought together law enforcement officers, policymakers, academics, analysts and industry experts, to determine how key stakeholders can collaborate to enhance the effectiveness of the response to serious and organised crime, and better measure the impact of law enforcement and other relevant activity.


Serious and organised crime poses an enduring threat to the UK, with a damaging impact on citizens, public services, businesses and infrastructure. The threat posed is complex and dynamic, with criminal activity evolving rapidly in a changing global environment. It is vital that the UK’s response is evidence-based and targeted at the most harmful dimensions of the threat – with law enforcement and the wider system supported in this effort by a range of external partners. To achieve this, the need to more fully exploit the potential for joint working across sectors – including practitioners, policymakers, academics and industry analysts – is recognised. To this end, on 4–5 December 2023, RUSI held its inaugural Serious and Organised Crime Conference, with the aim of supporting the National Crime Agency and system partners to consolidate a set of relationships with external academics, researchers and analysts on behalf of the wider system. This report summarises the discussions at the conference.


Cathy Haenlein

Director of Organised Crime and Policing Studies

Organised Crime and Policing

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