Land Warfare Conference: Securing Competitive Advantage

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Main Image Credit Members of the British Army 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, C Company, in Lankenheath, 2012. Courtesy of US Air Force/Cory D Payne

RUSI's Land Warfare Conference in June 2019 discussed strategies for UK land forces to secure advantage in a competitive landscape.

RUSI convened its 19th annual Land Warfare Conference from 4–5 June, organised in partnership with the Chief of the General Staff, to explore how land forces can secure advantage in an era of constant competition. Held during the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the conference not only sought to look ahead at emerging concepts and capabilities, but to reflect on historical experience. As adversaries develop increasingly effective strategies to circumvent the strengths of the ‘Western way of war’, the conference attempted to explore how land forces can maximise their advantages and mitigate their vulnerabilities while contesting all domains.


Dr Jack Watling

Research Fellow, Land Warfare

Military Sciences

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Nick Reynolds

Research Analyst, Land Warfare

Military Sciences

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