The Climate Briefing: The Shifting Politics of Climate Change

This episode of the Climate Briefing podcast was produced in collaboration with the Transatlantic Dialogue on China project. It focuses on how climate change politics have shifted since COP21 in Paris, and explores the roles of the three largest emitters – China, the United States and the EU – in global climate action. The episode also provides a timely recap of the main aims of COP26.

To discuss these themes, Anna and Ben are joined by Camilla Born (Deputy Director of Strategy for COP26 in the UK Cabinet Office) and Antony Froggatt (Deputy Director of the Energy, Environment and Resources Programme at Chatham House).

Credits: Speakers: Camilla Born, Antony Froggatt Hosts: Anna Aberg, Ben Horton Editor: Jamie Reed Original Music: Jamie Reed Recorded and produced by Chatham House


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