Sanctions Taskforce

This project examines the complex challenges surrounding the design and implementation of sanctions and promotes collaboration between the public and private sector to tackle them.

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RUSI’s high-level taskforce on the future of UK sanctions policy is composed of former officials, academic and policy experts and private sector senior executives. The aim of the taskforce is to provide recommendations on what UK sanctions policy should look like after Brexit.

While the government has established the necessary architecture to continue to design and implement sanctions after Brexit, it is less clear how these powers will be used in practice. The UK could use its newly-gained independence to become a leader, designing sanctions that are proactive tools of its foreign policy objectives. The UK could also choose to closely align its future policy with that of the EU’s, whilst balancing the needs of its other strategic partners such as the US.

The initiative, which is generously supported by Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP, considers these questions in detail and bring much-needed input to a debate that will shape UK sanctions policy.

Culminating in 2020, the taskforce published recommendations on what UK sanctions policy should look like in the coming years with the publication of a final report which details the key findings of the group.

Unsplash / Valentin B Kremer

Project outputs

Access key publications that were published as part of this project.

Coordinating Sanctions After Brexit: Considerations for the Future of UK Sanctions Policy
Sanctioning for Human Rights – The Choices Facing Britain
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RUSI Experts give evidence to Parliament on UK Sanctions After Brexit
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RUSI at House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee
Designing Sanctions After Brexit: Recommendations on the Future of UK Sanctions Policy
RUSI Newsbrief
Brexit and the UK’s Sanctions Policy: From Leader to Follower

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