Episode 18: The War in Ukraine and Taiwan’s Defensive Planning

In this RUSI Adversarial Studies seminar, we are delighted to be joined by Admiral Lee Hsi Min, one of the progenitors of Taiwan’s overall defence concept, which anticipated many of these trends. Admiral Lee will discuss the lessons drawn from both the concept and the ongoing Ukraine war.

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As the conflict in Ukraine illustrates, smaller states can leverage a combination of asymmetrical tactics and societal resilience to repel aggression. In this seminar, Admiral Lee Hsi Min, previously Chief of the General Staff of the Republic of China (Taiwan), will discuss Taiwan's overall defence concept and its vision for blunting aggression by a larger opponent.

The conflict in Ukraine will carry a number of insights for other small states confronting enemies and revisionist powers. Among them is a possible military transition to an age in which large numbers of cheaper capabilities can pose an outsized risk to an invader’s expensive assets, as well as heightened attention to national resilience and the ability to deliver an integrated response to aggression that draws upon the broader resources of the state.

This seminar was held on 1 July 2022.


Admiral Lee Hsi Min served as the Chief of the General Staff from 2017 to 2019. Before his retirement, he was awarded the Order of the Cloud and Banner with Special Grand Cordon by President Tsai Ing-wen in recognition of his service in enhancing the overall capabilities of Taiwan’s military.

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