Recording: The Psychological Impact of Ransomware

Watch the launch event of a RUSI paper on the ransomware harms experienced by individuals, organisations and society. This event was run in partnership with the University of Kent. The paper is based on interviews with organisations and individuals affected by ransomware and provides new insights on the victim experience.

Watch the Event Recording


This event focused on a specific aspect of the research – the psychological impact of responding to a ransomware attack. To discuss this topic, we hosted a panel of experts to discuss their own experiences of supporting victims of ransomware and their work in the field.

View the project page:Ransomware Harms and the Victim Experience


Jamie MacColl,Research Fellow, RUSI


Edward Lewis, Co-founder and Managing Partner, CyXcel

Dr Pia Hüsch, Research Analyst, RUSI

Jayan Perera, Partner Cyber Security, Control Risks

Dr Maria Bada, Lecturer, Queen Mary University London

Ransomware: Victim Insights on Harms to Individuals, Organisations and Society


Jamie MacColl

Research Fellow


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Dr Pia Hüsch

Research Fellow


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