Recording: Kermit Roosevelt Lecture – given by General Randy George, Chief of Staff of the United States Army

The RUSI-hosted Kermit Roosevelt Lecture delivered by Chief of Staff of the US Army, General Randy George.

Watch the event recording

The trans-Atlantic lecture series began in 1947 as a tribute to Kermit Roosevelt, son of former US President Theodore Roosevelt, who died in 1943.

In his talk, General Randy George, Chief of Staff of the US Army, discussed:

  • The global strategic landscape as seen through the lens of the United States, exploring the challenges, opportunities and implications for US national security.
  • How the US Army is undergoing a transformation and is having to adapt to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.
  • His career as a military leader, including  first-hand perspectives on effective leadership and the strategies for driving meaningful change within  a military organisation.
  • The importance of collective effort in addressing complex challenges and how individuals can contribute to larger organisation goals for the greater good.


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