Understanding Right Wing Extremism in the Aftermath of the Christchurch Attack

Following the attack in Christchurch, RUSI is highlighting some of the expert commentary and analysis that it has published on right wing extremism. The following articles are, for a limited time, now free to view.

Shooting the Messenger: Do Not Blame the Internet for Terrorism

The internet clearly matters to terrorists, but online content by itself rarely causes people to carry out terrorist attacks. Responses should therefore not be limited to the mass removal of terrorist content from online platforms.

A Tale of Two Terrors: The British Extreme Right Organises While Islamists Scatter

Once again, the dividing lines that distinguish between variations of violent extremism in the UK have morphed, but addressing the similarities and differences between the extreme right and violent Islamists should help to ensure that the UK’s counter-terror strategy as synchronised as possible with the current threat picture.

Lone Actor Terrorists and Extreme Right Wing Violence

Recent attacks perpetrated by extreme right wing terrorists in the US are undoubtedly linked to the upcoming mid-term elections, reflecting the reality that the country’s charged political scene may be pushing would-be terrorists into action

In the News

What is fuelling the far-right threat?

HA Hellyer, who specialises in international security at the Royal United Services Institute discuss far-right terrorism, talks to Channel 4 News

The Islamophobia that led to the Christchurch shooting must be confronted

HA Hellyer on the rise of Islamophobia and the West

The Extreme Right was Once a Loose Group of Loners. Not Any More

Raffaello Pantucci, Director of RUSI's International Security programme observes how far right extremists are moving from disorganised loners to semi-structured networks

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