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A US MQ-9 Reaper. Courtesy of US Air Force/Leslie Pratt

US Drone Base in Agadez: A Security Threat to Niger?

Olayinka Ajala
RUSI Journal, 6 December 2018
Sahel, United States, National Security, Africa
The US drone base in Niger has repercussions for the Sahel Sahara’s fragile security.

The Sahel Sahara is one of the largest poorly governed regions in the world. Terrorism, banditry, trafficking (humans, arms, drugs), cattle rustling and armed robbery have thrived in the region. The governments of the countries that share the region’s borders appear unwilling or unable to govern their territories. In 2014, the US government, in agreement with Niger, decided to build a $110-million drone base in Agadez. In this article, Olayinka Ajala explores the potential impact of the base on the already fragile security of the Sahel Sahara and sub-Saharan Africa.

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