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Air Force weapon loaders prepare an A-10 Thunderbolt II for flight at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, 21 May 2018. The aircraft is providing close air support for coalition and Afghan forces on the front lines. Courtesy of US Department of Defense/Corey H

Understanding Modern Airpower

John Andreas Olsen
RUSI Journal, 30 August 2018
Aerospace, Defence Policy
Airpower professionals need a comprehensive understanding of airpower – from the technology to its relationship with the contemporary political, social and economic context.

Despite its significance in international relations and statecraft, the phenomenon of airpower remains controversial and little understood beyond its tactical and technological manifestations. This article examines 24 themes that scholars and practitioners must study to attain an in-depth, broad-ranging and contextual understanding of airpower. While all the themes are important, in combination they offer a comprehensive insight into airpower as a political instrument of war and peace.

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