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President Vladimir Putin alongside the presidential envoy to Russia’s Siberian Federal District, the president of the Siberian Business Union Holding and board chairman of Rosneft, August 2018. Courtesy of PA Images/Alexel Druzhinin

Russia’s Hybrid State and President Putin’s Fourth-Term Foreign Policy

Graeme P Herd
RUSI Journal, 17 October 2018
Russia’s hybrid state poses a problem for Western attempts to engage Moscow.

President Vladimir Putin’s regime (individuals distributed across the normative state, parastate and oligarchic court) is focused on survival and self-preservation. Destabilisation of neighbours has represented a rational choice since 2007 and will continue to be the organising principle of Putin’s fourth-term foreign policy (2018–24). In this article, Graeme P Herd discusses the logic that governs this power network and the dynamics that contribute to its evolution.

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