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A Classified Cloud: The Security of Military Data

Alexander Babuta
RUSI Defence Systems, 7 April 2017
Cyber, United States, North America, Technology
In the digital age, it is often necessary to make compromises between cost and security. For the US Army, miscalculating the balance of this compromise could have serious implications for national security.

On 18 January, IBM announced a $62 million contract with the US Army to build and manage a secure private cloud data centre at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. The deal represents the start of a new era in the US military’s use of technology, as it is the first time the Army has opted to outsource large-scale data management to a private company within a military installation.

In the coming years, the Army is expected to consolidate hundreds more data centres in this way. The transition to commercial cloud-hosting presents various security challenges, which must be carefully considered if the Army is to maintain current levels of data privacy and security. 

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Alexander Babuta
Research Fellow, National Security

Alexander Babuta is a Research Fellow in National Security Studies at RUSI. His research focusses on policing, intelligence and... read more

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