Maritime Development in Africa: An Independent Specialists Framework

Dr Knox Chitiyo, Head of the RUSI Africa Programme is one of the co- authors of the recently published paper 'Maritime Development in Africa: An Independent Specialists Framework.'

This  Paper, which was published in July 2010, was prepared by the Brenthurst Foundation in partnership with the African Union Commission (Addis Ababa) and the African Centre for Strategic Studies in Washington DC. The paper draws on the insights from a series of workshops conducted in Africa under the AU aegis,  in which key African and international stakeholders participated; and on the insights of maritime experts.

The document discusses the key challenges and opportunities facing Africa in the commercial and military maritime environment. It is intended as an introduction to what a comprehensive, broad-brush African maritime strategy might entail, and is a primer for an African- owned maritime policy/strategy.

Download paper (pdf)

The authors include:

  • Rear Adm Steve Stead [retd] - Former Deputy Director, The Brenthurst Foundation, South Africa
  • Dr Knox Chitiyo - Head, RUSI Africa Programme, UK
  • Capt Johan Potgieter [retd]- Institute for  International Security, South Africa   
  • Prof Geoff Till- King's College, UK

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