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This podcast creates a platform to discuss the key defence and security questions of the world’s most dynamic region: the Indo-Pacific.

The idea of the Indo-Pacific as a theatre for influence and power is gaining prominence among governments and expert communities across the world.

A number of regional and global powers with interests in the region, as well as groupings like ASEAN, have presented their own unique interpretations of the Indo-Pacific as a strategic concept that connects the Indian and Pacific Oceans along with their littoral states as an integrated arena for competition and collaboration.

Bridging the Oceans, hosted by Veerle Nouwens, will explore what the Indo-Pacific is, where its limits lie, and what the fast-evolving defence and security issues are in this dynamic part of the world.

Together with a diverse range of experts, the podcast will also analyse today’s top geopolitical questions in the Indo-Pacific, understand how these are seen within the region itself, and consider how these issues may impact countries outside the region, like the United Kingdom.

Episode 1:Conceptualising the Indo-Pacific

In this first episode, Veerle is joined by Dr. Neil Melvin, Director of RUSI’s International Security Studies department and Aaditya Dave, Research Analyst in the Navigating the Indo-Pacific Programme of the ISS department. Together, they explore the Indo-Pacific concept and region, why the concept of the Indo-Pacific is catching on, what some of the key defence and security questions in the region will be, and what this means for UK foreign and security policy as it undergoes its Integrated Review process.

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Podcast trailer

In this trailer, we explore some of the key questions we’ll be asking in the flagship podcast of the Navigating the Indo-Pacific programme of RUSI's International Security Studies department.

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Show produced by: Tom Ascott

Episodes will be published bi-weekly and are part of our Navigating the Indo-Pacific programme.

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Veerle Nouwens
Research Fellow
Aaditya Dave
Research Analyst