Episode 7: Navigating the RAF’s Flightplan to Net Zero 2040

With an ambitious goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2040, how does the RAF perceive the threat of climate change, and how does it plan to accelerate the pace of mitigation?

Lieutenant Colonel Alistair Beard and Dr Sarah Ashbridge have the honour of hosting Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston, Chief of the Air Staff, to explore the threats to the air domain and where the opportunities for transformation lie.

They discuss the priorities that the RAF has identified, and how it plans to adapt to maintain operational capabilities while also improving the resilience of the service. Will alternative fuels ease the burden of logistical supply chains? And how can climate change mitigation projects enable capabilities even in the most extreme operating environments?

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Lieutenant Colonel Alistair Beard

Former Army Visiting Fellow

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Dr Sarah Ashbridge

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