Episode 38: Ukraine’s Winter War

As the conflict enters the harshest months of the year, we discuss what the winter could mean for both sides.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine sent shockwaves around the world and has dominated the headlines ever since. Russia has focused heavily on seizing territory, and even formally annexed some regions in September. Moscow’s narratives of success have, however, been severely undercut by Ukrainian battlefield victories, the most recent of which, in Kherson, is seen by many as a turning point. As the war heads into its 10th month, Neil Melvin sits down with Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman of King's College London to discuss what the coming months will bring for both sides in the war. The onset of winter will test Ukraine’s ability to sustain its recent military successes, as well as Russia’s strategy of holding the Ukrainians along its new defensive line while drawing Kyiv into a protracted war. For in-depth analysis on likely scenarios and more, tune in now.

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Director, International Security

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