Helena Wood is a Senior Research Fellow and head of the UK Economic Crime Programme at RUSI's Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, which tracks and supports the UK government's response to anti-money laundering, asset recovery and fraud. 

Helena's research interests include reform of the UK's response to economic crime as well as the global policy response to criminal asset confiscation. Since joining CFCS as an Associate Fellow in 2015, Helena has published research on the UK's proceeds of crime architecture, fraud and anti-money laundering intelligence gaps.

Prior to joining CFCS as a staff member, Helena ran an independent financial crime consultancy, with clients across the public, private and third sectors. Eariler in her career Helena spent over a decade in  public service in the UK, with positions at the National Crime Agency, the Asset Recovery Agency, HM Treasury and the Charity Commission.

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Defining Year For Economic Crime | CFCS Look-Ahead 2022


UK Economic Crime Plan

In July 2019, the UK government launched its Economic Crime Plan (2019–2022). This project tracks and support its implementation.

Economic Crime Plan Online Tracker

This online tracker provides a tool by which the progress of the Economic Crime Plan can be monitored.

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With an epidemic of fraud hitting the UK during the pandemic, and corruption a matter of daily concern in Westminster, Ben Judah interviews Helena Wood for the Atlantic Council.