Alexandria Reid

Associate FellowOrganised Crime and Policing


Alexandria Reid is a Senior Global Policy Adviser at Global Witness, focused on preventing the financing of deforestation through regulatory change in the UK, EU, US and China.

Her expertise covers a range of topics related to organised environmental crime, illicit trade, financial crime and related illicit financial flows.

She was formerly a Senior Research Fellow at RUSI and Deputy Chair of the Strategic Hub for Organised Crime Research (SHOC).

Alexandria holds an MA (Distinction) in Conflict, Security and Development, and a BA in War Studies (First Class Honours), both from King’s College London, where she was awarded the Sir Michael Howard Award for Excellence 2013-2016.

Prior to joining RUSI, she was Communications Manager of Strife Blog and Journal, and a Research Administrator at the King’s Centre for Military Health Research. She has conducted fieldwork and research in the UK, Europe and across Africa.

She is co-author of the book ‘Ports, Crime and Security: Governing and Policing Seaports in a Changing World’, published in 2021 by the Bristol University Press.

She can be found on Twitter at: @AlexHREID


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