Benedict Hamlyn

Associate Fellow


Benedict Hamlyn is a geopolitical specialist. He graduated as Valedictorian from Amsterdam University College and holds an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Oxford, where he spent two years researching the motivations behind Chinese financing into Sub-Saharan Africa - research which was fed directly into relevant government departments.

Benedict currently works as Gatehouse Advisory Partners’ Network/Source Manager having joined as an Associate. Gatehouse is a London-based geopolitical consultancy firm chaired by Sir Jeremy Greenstock and Sir David Manning which acts as a national security council for its clients. He is responsible for strategically enabling client delivery by engaging and managing the expert network of 2,500 individuals across the globe.

He proactively manages and expands the Gatehouse network to ensure regional and thematic coverage, as well as facilitating better engagement and utilisation of existing contributors. In addition to this, Benedict works on issues including domestic politics and international conflict, with a geographical focus on the Asia Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.

Prior to Gatehouse, Benedict has previously worked as Head of Operations for an Amsterdam-based mental health charity and as a freelance journalist for various political media outlets. He also had a brief stint working in the RUSI International Department.