Callum Fraser

Research Fellow, Russian and Eurasian SecurityInternational Security


Callum Fraser is a Research Fellow in the International Security Studies department at RUSI, specialising in the confluence between Russian foreign policy and its periphery states. Callum is particularly interested in the evolution of geopolitics within Eurasia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. He also specialises in researching the underlying motivations, justifications, and dynamics of conflict within the Eurasian space along ethnic, identity, cultural, and political dimensions. 

Prior to joining RUSI, Callum worked as a Senior Intelligence analyst at London Politica, within the Eurasian Intelligence team, conducting Open-Source intelligence investigations on crises within the Eurasian sphere. He has worked, studied, and travelled extensively within Russia and the CIS.

Callum holds a BA in Russian from the University of Bristol, an MSc in Global Security from the University of Glasgow. During his time in Russia, he was enrolled in an MSc in Strategic and Arms Control Studies at Saint Petersburg State University. He speaks Russian in a professional capacity and has a limited working capacity in French and Czech.

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