Ali Ansari

Senior Associate Fellow


Ali Ansari is professor of Iranian History and director of the Institute for Iranian Studies at the University of St Andrews; Senior Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute; and president of the British Institute for Persian Studies.

He has authored several books including: The Politics of Nationalism in Modern Iran (CUP, 2012) Crisis of Authority: Iran's 2009 Presidential Election (Chatham House, 2010), Iran Under Ahmadinejad (Adelphi Paper, IISS, January 2008), Confronting Iran:The Failure of US Policy and the Roots of Mistrust (Hurst, London, 2006), Modern Iran since 1921: the Pahlavis and After (2nd Edition, Longman, London, 2007),  Iran, Islam & Democracy - The Politics of Managing Change (2nd Edition, RIIA, London, 2006).

He is also editor of the Cambridge History of Iran Vol 8 (The Islamic Republic).


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